About Aquaponics

Aquaponics is an incredible farming technique that has existed on a small scale for thousands of years. It has recently been gaining popularity because it is suitable in any climate, is completely self sustaining, organic and uses 80-90% less water then traditional soil gardening.

We view aquaponics as the future method of effectively feeding the world and teaching people how to grow their own organic food. In fact, it has actually been called BETTER THEN ORGANIC, because it it organic plus sustainable.

Aquaponics is a combination of  hydroponics (growing plants with water in a soil-less media) and aquaculture (in this case fish farming). The plants and the fish create a symbiotic relationship when they work together in a system that is constantly recycling its own water. The fish live and produce waste that the plants can use. The fish waste is brought to the plants in the grow bed where they filter the water. This water and beneficial bacteria are going through the “Nitrogen Cycle” which converts ammonia to nitrites, then usable nitrates.

Aquaponics can not only grow plants faster then soil grown plants it also uses 80-90% less water. In a world where 780 million people lack access to clean water it is important to conserve what we have.  Since aquaponics requires that you recycle the water it is the perfect solution. Aquaponic gardening is also more effective then soil gardening because it not only allows you to grow plants but fish simultaneously. You can simply enjoy the fish or potentially even sell them for profit.

Another amazing thing about Aquaponics is that it is naturally 100% organic and always will be. Due to the fact that fish are involved it is impossible to use any synthetic pesticides or chemicals because it will harm the fish and disrupt the balanced ecosystem. Organic food is not only better for you and the environment but it can taste better as well! Because organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of harsh chemicals and fertilizers they are able to have a higher Brix Number which equals sweeter, more flavorful and nutritious crops. Aquaponics is the key to living a healthy lifestyle that supports our planet, combats climate change and food shortages.

Another positive thing about Aquaponics is that you can customize the height of your grow bed to fit your body style. This means no more bending down in the garden, no more back aches or pains. People in wheel chairs could even easily work in an Aquaponic garden that was designed specifically for them. Amazing!