About Us

Good Karma Aquaponics is based out of sunny San Diego, California. We specialize in creating custom aquaponic and hydroponic gardening setups. Our services include helping you with the construction and maintenance of your Aquaponic or Hydroponic gardens. We also offer consultations for those seeking advice on how to build and maintain their gardens or farms. In addition to that we offer a full range of aquaponic nutrients, check out our product page for more information.

Good Karma Aquaponics was officially formed in 2011. Although, the research and development started over ten years ago when Brandon started gardening Hydroponically, which eventually merged into Aquaponics. Brandon Burrows is the owner and founder of Good Karma Aquaponics along with his wife Cheyenne and business partner Ryan Acosta.

Brandon has traveled all over the world studying under aquaponic greats such as Murray Hallam and Gina Cavaliero. He loves to share his knowledge with others and experiment with new gardening techniques.

Cheyenne grew up on a small farm in Alpine and has always had a love for nature. She helps to run the business side of Good Karma Aquaponics, combining her experience with plants and animals along with her knowledge in running a small business.

Ryan has been a serious gardener for over 12 years, working with organic hydroponic and soil gardens. He merged into the industry professionally with San Diego Hydroponics & Organics over 5 years ago where he is now the regional manager.

We have over 25 years combined experience with indoor and outdoor gardening. Aquaponics is our specialty but we honestly love and appreciate all forms of gardening. We design, build and maintain custom Aquaponic systems, have an up and coming aquaponic nutrient line and provide consulting as well. The team is passionate about teaching people how to grow their own healthy, organic food in the most sustainable way possible.