Getting Started


First things first…you are interested in Aquaponics, that’s Step One, congratulations! You must be taking an interest in what you are eating and how it is affecting yourself and the world around you.

Ok so since you are interested what is next…

Step Two: Decide the purpose of your Aquaponic setup and how big you would like it. Is it simply for fun or for major food production?

Step Three: Now that you know exactly what you are using your setup for let’s decide a good spot for it. It can be in your awesome yard, sitting on your balcony or even hung on a wall. Depending on your weather conditions and growing purposes you may or may not need a green house for extra protection.


I have my setup built, now what…? 

It is important not to rush things when setting up your Aquaponic system. Check your water quality before you add any into your system. The first four to six weeks we definitely recommend testing the pH levels often to insure that they are appropriate for both your new fish and plants. It is also suggested that you check your Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate levels frequently in the beginning stages because unbalanced levels too can be toxic to your fish and plants. A good way to think of your Aquaponic setup is as a living, producing, filtration system. This leads us into our other educational pages about water quality and cycling.