GKA Iron




Good Karma’s Aquaponic Iron product is used to treat Iron deficiencies in your Aquaponic system. Aquaponics provides 10 out of the essential 13 nutrients that plants require. Iron, Potassium and Calcium are the three nutrients that the fish waste is lacking in. Due to this deficiencies in these three areas can be common when you are Aquaponic Gardening. That’s where Good Karma Aquaponics nutrient line comes in. We have developed our 11% DTPA IRON to help Aquaponic gardeners grow successfully with amazing results. It is currently for sale here, on our website, or at our local San Diego Hydroponics and Organics retail store.


As we stated before Iron deficiencies can be common in Aquaponics so it is nothing to stress about, totally normal. If you are lucky enough to be using well water you may have little to no problems with Iron because well water is sometimes naturally rich in Iron. Have your well water tested to be sure. We sell Iron checkers online if you want to test it yourself or you can have your water professionally tested if you desire to test for other things as well. Ideal Iron levels are 2-3PPM in your Aquaponic system. 

Plants that are lacking in iron often times have Yellow Leaves also know as Chlorosis. Chlorosis is a condition where the plants leaves are not producing enough Chorophyll which leaves them yellowish and dull in color. An Iron deficiency in plants specifically displays inter-veinal chlorosis, meaning yellowing in between the dark veins of the plants leaves. This means the plant is not photosynthesizing properly due to insufficient nutrients. Yellow leaves are the number one sign of Iron deficiencies but check for all the symptoms because yellow leaves can also be a sign of other issues.

Other symptoms include “whitish, bleached” looking leaves in younger plants and issues producing fruit in mature plants.

It is also important to keep the pH of your Aquaponic system in the ideal range of 6.5-7. This allows for the maximum absorption rate of  most nutrients. Anything to much higher or lower can cause nutrient lockout. If your system is out of balance in a state of “nutrient lockout” it doesn’t matter how much Iron you add your plants will be unable to absorb it.


Here is an example of a strawberry plant with an Iron deficiency. Notice how the yellowing is in between the veins of the plant. Showing “Inter-Veinal” Chlorosis.


Iron deficient Strawberry