The Pros and Cons of Aquaponics

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Why choose Aquaponics? Here are some things to think about before purchasing an Aquaponic setup. Obviously we feel the Pros far outweigh the cons but we will let you be the judge.

The Pros of Aquaponics;      

It uses 90% less water then traditional soil gardening.                                                                                                                   

-Aquaponics is completely organic and always will be. Harmful pesticides cannot be used on the plants because they can cause harm to the fish and disturb the closed ecosystem.

-Aquaponics is a sustainable gardening technique because the fish provide free, safe nutrients for your plants.

-Aquaponics is a great learning tool for children and adults alike. It demonstrates a well functioning eco system along with symbiotic relationships between plants and fish. It is a great addition to your home, school or community center.

-Aquaponic setups can be custom built to your height. This means no more bending over gardening, all of your plants will be right within your reach.

-Aquaponics allows your plants roots to get more oxygen and therefore absorb more nutrients. This means that in a balanced system your plants can grow 3-4 times faster then soil plants.

-Aquaponics does well in many different climates due to the fact that it does not require fertile soil like in traditional gardening.

-Not only do you produce fruits and vegetables from your Aquaponic setup but you can also eat the fish as well. 

No need for crop rotation. Unlike soil gardens the nutrients are provided in the water with Aquaponics. This means your media never gets depleted and you will not have to constantly replenish or rotate your crops to keep your plants prospering. The fish do the work for you!

The Cons of Aquaponics;                                                                                                                          

Dealing with the fish can seem like a lot of work for some people. At times the water needs to be heated or cooled in order to suite your individual fishes needs. In cold winter climates your system may need to be in a greenhouse or indoors to insure the safety and health of your fish along with maximum plant production. We describe the amount of maintenance involved as equivalent to taking care of a fish tank. If this sounds like no big deal you may be ready for an aquaponic setup!

-The initial setup costs can sometimes deter people from aquaponics. Once you have your system up and running the thought of money fades away as you begin to reap the benefits of fresh organic fruits and vegetables in your own home.

-Electricity costs may seem like an issue for some people. Know that you don’t have to do a gigantic electricity hogging system, small systems can still produce great results as well. Solar is also always an option as well.